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How Many Words A Day To Write A Novel

Novel: over 40,000; Is 40,000 words enough for a novel? A story that is over 40,000 words is generally considered a novel. However, it will be on the short side, as the average length of a novel hovers around 50,000-70,000.

  • Those who treat it like a job, can do 10,000+ words per day. Many aim for 3000+ Those with less time to write each day aim lower. The object of the exercise is to try and write the same number of words every day. ETA: Even if you only do 100 words a day, you will eventually complete a book. 1000 a day will get you a 90k book in 3 months.

  • It took me 222 days of outlining, drafting, and editing to complete the manuscript, which had a word count of roughly 70,000. Adding my research days in China and Italy, and assuming a five-day working week (in fact, my.

  • Sparks says a novel takes him a few months to conceive, and then about five months to write. He sets a daily goal for himself of 2,000 words which takes him about five to six hours to write. “See,” he said, “it’s not an.

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